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Tremella Sydney sugar lily  XML
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注册时间: 10/02/2011 15:18:48
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It particularly suitable for the sugar when drinking dry autumn and winter, the moisture from the inside out, dry skin, after drinking water of skin, and I already liked pears, so I think I will be doing to eat Xiangqilaijiu . Material it is: Sydney one, Tremella 4-6 tablets (water, soak for 20 minutes first, remove the yellow stems), lily 6-10 piece on it, the pear-shaped cut fast may be larger, some cut into 4 major fast like. And then boiled together, about 20-30 minutes to your point to be diligent to see it often the case ... ... if you like sweet to put crystal sugar, in fact, is full of sweet and hold you, because you have pear, Oh, But I usually put sugar, I like sweet, kind of the feeling of happiness ... ... lily do not eat it, after this it and I introduced similar effect medlar white fungus soup, Be fromhttp://www.buyinb2c.com][img= http://www.buyinb2c.com/popup_image.php/pID/136195][/img] [/url][img=http://www.newamytrade.com/popup_image.php/pID/118902][/img]shox shoes,nike shox shoes,free shipping
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